Tricare Reserve Select

U.S. Army Reserve Spcs. Jahvar Billings and Anthony Clark, 385th Transportation Detachment, Fort Bragg, N.C., guide a Humvee driver during a training exercise at Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., June 15, 2016. (Army Photo: Spc. Daisy Zimmer)

The Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) program is a premium based health insurance plan that is available worldwide. It is available for qualified members of the Selected Reserve and their families. TRS is considered minimum essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Tricare Reserve Select, like other Tricare programs you have to pay a monthly premium to receive insurance coverage.

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TRS only covers health and vision benefits, not dental or pharmacy benefits. TRS also does not cover reservists who are on active duty orders (or their families), or retirees, there are separate programs for those personnel. 

For more information about what health insurance plans are available for reserve and guard members please visit our Tricare for Reserve and Guard page

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