Fort Bragg Workers Team Up to Play Lottery — and Split a Big Prize in North Carolina

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More than a dozen co-workers tried their luck on the lottery — and scored a big win in North Carolina, officials said.

Now, the group of 22 civilian Fort Bragg employees is splitting the $100,000 prize, which was met with some skepticism at first.

“It was a little close to April (Fools’) so some of them didn’t believe me,” Neil Ellis, a spokesperson for the group, told the N.C. Education Lottery. “I guess they believe me now.”

Their win was the real deal, and each of the workers kept $3,225 after taxes. Ellis pocketed a bit more, claiming a prize of $3,310, officials said Monday, April 11, in a news release.

Some people in the group — called the Power Play 22 Team — have played the lottery for more than a decade. While a few are retired, many still work in communications roles at the Fort Bragg U.S. Army base, Ellis said in a video that the N.C. Education Lottery posted to Twitter.

“It’s just a good time,” Ellis said in the news release. “We really enjoy it.”

This time around, the group got a windfall after snagging a ticket at Erwin Lucky Stop, in Harnett County and roughly 40 miles south of Raleigh. While the ticket fell short of hitting a larger Powerball jackpot, officials said it matched enough numbers in the April 2 drawing to win big.

It’s not the first time a team has split a prize in North Carolina.

In July, officials said a pair of relatives played a lottery game together and were in disbelief when they realized their ticket was worth $2 million.

Months earlier, a man shared prize money with a co-worker, then won more cash all for himself, McClatchy News reported.

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