Military Skills Translator + Personality Assessment

FacebookTwitterPinterestEmailShare's Military Skills Translator has been integrated with an innovative Personality Assessment tool to deliver a comprehensive job search experience for veteran candidates. The tool uses a unique filtering mechanism to display customized job recommendations depending on a candidate's personality traits and military experience.

Veteran candidates take a self-guided visual personality test that determines their personality traits, available career paths, and recommends matching jobs. The test takes around 3-4 minutes and displays actionable results instantly.

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Unique Hiring Solution Designed Solely for Veteran-Friendly Companies

The Military Skills Translator + Personality Assessment is a unique hiring solution that efficiently offers the combination of industry-leading job search technology and vocational interests.

  • Attract qualified veteran candidates for the right job by mapping their soft as well as hard skills for your open job position.
  • Show your commitment to hiring veterans. According to the Monster Veteran Talent Index 2015, 90% of veterans believe it is critical to consider companies that market themselves as veteran-friendly.
  • Increased number of applicants who wouldn't have applied for jobs based on inadequate matching. A research conducted on 29,000 members states that 76% of respondents were impressed by their career matches after taking the personality assessment.

Science Behind the Personality Assessment

  • The assessment uses the binary decision methodology of "Me" or "Not Me" to measure the personality of the user thus producing a visually engaging experience with a 95% completion rate.
  • The tool operates on a mathematical algorithm that compares the full psychological breakdown of each individual with every career path and job position available to identify the best matches for the job seeker.
  • This patented method of measuring personality was developed by an experienced team of psychologists.
  • Unlike traditional personality assessments or Likert-type scale tests our assessment is based on six Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC), a widely accepted theory of vocational choices with proven predictive validity.

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Take Veteran Hiring to the Next Level

  • Map complex military occupation codes with jobs at your company with our Military Skills Translator
  • Advanced job search filters such as education, military occupation, and location for higher accuracy and refined results for your candidates
  • Easy integration on your website - only requires adding an I-frame to your career page
  • Custom-built design matching your brand colors
  • Performance reports and best practices guidance from your dedicated account manager
  • Multiple device & platform support - desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Personalized mapping of Military Occupation Codes to job positions at your company

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