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Together, we deliver breakthrough medicines to the people who are counting on them the most.

In addition to being the world’s leading patient-centric company, Pfizer is also recognized as the most innovative and inventive drug company in 2022. Continuing the evolution we’ve experienced over the last few years will be exciting, and we’d love to have people like you on board. Because developing novel therapies is not everything; we need to keep improving our manufacturing and distribution processes to make them available in every corner of the globe. That’s where you come in.

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Pfizer employee Abel Gomez

Your innovative, agile mindset will fit right in.

In everything we do in life, our values are what set us apart. While we understand that service members are all unique people with varying realities, we believe that most of you embody the core values that guide us toward advancing wellness, prevention, treatments, and cures to tackle the most feared diseases of our time. Learn more.

Military Success Stories

Clyda DiNicola-Fernandez

Currently, in my role as an Administrative Specialist, I proudly support Pfizer’s World-Class strategic procurement sourcing teams within the Global Business Services (GBS), Sourcing & Enterprise Services (S&ES) R&D Procurement Organization.

It was the United States Navy that brought me to Connecticut. Prior to joining Pfizer, I served our country in the United States Navy as an Operations Specialist (OS3, navigation & radar), in the Combat Information Center (CIC) on board the now decommissioned Navy destroyer tender, the USS Cape Cod AD43, San Diego, CA.

Becoming a Pfizer colleague, I was able to strengthen my comradery among my peers and build new skills through integrity and dedication to the cause, all of which veterans crave. I am proud and honored to be a part of the innovative and massive Pfizer team, on the front lines to making scientific breakthroughs.

- Clyda DiNicola-Fernandez, Administrative Specialist
Pfizer employee Abel Gomez

I retired after 20 years of service in the U.S. Army, following my roles as Supply Sargent, Brigade Property Book Supervisor, and Corporate Level Logistical Plans and Operations Coordinator. I am currently working as a Warehouse Planner II in Sanford, North Carolina, and the best part of my job is the ability to stay on my feet as I deliver materials and interact with colleagues throughout the entire site. The Army has taught me the value of doing things right the first time which saves time at the end.

I feel very fortunate that Pfizer was my first and only job since the military and the transition was smooth and seamless. It can be a bit overwhelming when departing something that has changed you and molded you into the person you’ve become through the rigors of training, but in the end, things can work out better than you can imagine. I am very proud to be part of a company that offers so much to their employees and offers the opportunity to contribute to the impact that changes lives all over the world.

- Abel Gomez, Warehouse Planner II
Pfizer employee Chris McQueen

I served in the United States Navy as a Gas Turbine System Technician Mechanic predominantly onboard ships. My tours include service onboard the USS Caron, USS Hue City and USS Vella Gulf. Having served in the military has prepared me by helping me stay focused and dedicated to the success of the team, no matter what my role might be. Any hiring manager looking to  recruit a veteran would be getting a disciplined team player that would bolster  their business and working culture.

- Chris McQueen, Facility Maintenance Supervisor
Pfizer employee John Avila

I have held two roles in my eight years at Pfizer: Production Supervisor and Environment, Health & Safety Specialist. It is important to me that many core values were instilled in me as an Army Officer, Sailor or Soldier. In my roles, I have had to draw, at one time or another, from my military experiences.  Experiences garnered as a Platoon Leader in Iraq for 16 months in a combat zone. Overseas as a young man,  serving in both Okinawa, Japan, and South Korea, attached to U.S. Marine units  as a Navy Hospital Corpsman. And lastly, as an Army Medic while working in  garrison, hospital or field environments, both in the Reserves or National  Guard.

The military took me in as a young 17-year-old and taught me the value  of teamwork, to focus and pay attention to detail in order to be successful,  the ability to fully value life and most importantly, to show compassion and  love for others. These are all the things I am proud to bring to my work at  Pfizer.

- John Avila, Environment, Health & Safety Specialist

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