7 Things You Must Say to Get the Job

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Before you make your transition to the civilian workforce, be advised that getting an interview is a lot harder than it used to be. Even though the unemployment rate has improved, many qualified job seekers are out of work, and they're all vying for the same positions. Your military service will often help you get your foot in the door, but it's what you tell the interviewer that will really give you an edge above your competition.

Investopedia.com recommends that you try to work these seven phrases into your interview. By mentioning these seven attributes, you'll show the interviewer that you've done your homework, have great skill-sets, and will make a huge contribution to the company.

1. "I'm very familiar with what your company does." Let the interviewer know that you have a vested interest in the company's goals, are interested in what they do, and can possibly improve upon their business model. Check out the company's website for information about products and services.

2. "I'm flexible." The only constant is change, and it's important that your potential employer know that you won't freak out when the company makes a shift in a different direction.

3. "I'm energetic and have a positive attitude." Employers want workers who have a great attitude can be infectious. Additionally, you need to speak positively about your past work history or military experience. Badmouthing former bosses or coworkers will only make you look bad.

4. "I have a great deal of experience." Highlight any previous job duties or MOS that relate directly to the job. You should also boast about additional job training or courses that you've taken.

5. "I'm a team player." Employers are looking for candidates who can bring a sense of unity to a team. What's more, they want an employee who will flourish in a group situation or project, and be productive with limited supervision, according to Investopedia.

6. "I'm seeking to become an expert in my field." This phrase lets the interviewer know that you are constantly looking to improve your skill sets so that you can be the best employee possible. In fact, other employees will look to you for guidance and knowledge. This makes you an invaluable asset to the team.

7. "I'm highly motivated." A highly motivated employee is a highly productive employee, reports Investopedia. This also conveys that you're reliable and will be meticulous and relentless in your efforts to complete projects and tasks.

Your military experience has already ingrained these desirable attributes in your work ethic. All you have to do is communicate how these will be helpful to your future employer.

For more tips and advice on acing the interview, visit Military.com's Interview Tips section.

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