Rioter Killed By Capitol Police Was Former D.C. National Guard Member


Newsy has confirmed the rioter killed by Capitol police was a former member of the D.C. National Guard. Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed breaking into the very buildings she had previously sworn to protect. Ashli Babbitt traveled from her home in California to attend the protest. During the riot, the 35-year-old was seen with a mob as they tried to rush through a barricaded door inside the Capitol building. Newsy confirmed she served in the 113th D.C. National Guard Security Forces Squadron until 2015. She's also an Air Force veteran. The Guard even profiled her in a 2014 article, saying as a military cop she deployed a total of eight times and even became a mentor to younger airmen deploying for the first time down range. The Washington, D.C., police chief says they're investigating the incident. The officer who shot her is on leave, which is standard protocol.

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