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Tricare offers many insurance benefits to members of the Reserves and National Guard (also known collectively as the Reserve Component, or RC). Some of these benefits are the same as those offered to Active Duty members and some are different. As always, though, dependents must be listed in DEERS to be eligible to receive Tricare benefits. 

Tricare Reserve Select (TRS)

The Tricare Reserve Select (TRS) program is a premium based health insurance plan that is available worldwide. It is available for qualified members of the Selected Reserve and their families. TRS, like other Tricare programs requires that you pay a monthly premium to receive insurance coverage.

TRS only covers health and vision benefits, not dental or pharmacy benefits. TRS also does not cover reservists who are on active duty orders (or their families), or retirees, there are separate programs for those personnel.

See our Tricare Reserve Select Program Overview page for more information. 

Tricare for Active Duty Members

When Reserve Component members are activated for 30 days or more they become eligible for Tricare Select or Tricare Prime for themselves and their family members. 

See our Tricare Eligibility page for more information.

Tricare for Retired Reserve and Guard Members (TRR)

Retired Reserve Component members and their family members are eligible for the Tricare Retired Reserve plan until they reach age 60. Once they reach age 60 and begin collecting retirement pay TRR members will be disenrolled from TRR and will be eligible for other premium-free Tricare programs as a retiree.

See our Tricare Retired Reserve Overview page for more information.

Tricare Pharmacy Benefits

Tricare offers a pharmacy benefit as an addition to the other benefits. With the pharmacy benefit you can get your prescriptions filled online or at your local pharmacy. 

See our Tricare Pharmacy Pharmacy Program page for more information.

Tricare Dental Benefits

All Reserve Component members qualify for dental benefits under one of the following programs:

See our Tricare Dental Plan Overview page for more information.

Tricare Vision Benefits

All Tricare programs cover vision benefits from eye exams to glasses. However, there are different benefits depending on whether you are active, inactive, or retired. You can also purchase separate vision insurance. 

See our Tricare Vision Benefits page for more information.

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