Virginia Commonwealth Veteran Benefits

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The commonwealth of Virginia provides several veteran benefits. This page explains those benefits.

Virginia Veterans Homes

Virginia has two veterans homes in Richmond and Roanoke.

Two new homes in Puller and Virginia Beach are scheduled to open in 2022.

Honorably discharged veterans who are residents of Virginia are eligible for admission. There may be a cost.

Virginia Veteran Financial Benefits

Income Tax

Active Duty Pay - Up to $15,000 of military basic pay may be exempted from Virginia income tax.

For every $1.00 of income over $15,000, the maximum subtraction is reduced by $1.00. For example, if your basic pay is $16,000, you are entitled to deduct only $14,000. You are not eligible for the subtraction if your military basic pay is $30,000 or more

For VA National Guard, up to 39 calendar days of service or $3,000 (whichever is less) may be deducted from your income when filing. This deduction is only available for O-3 and below.

Retired Pay - Beginning in 2022 retirees 55 and older can deduct up to $10,000 of retirement income from their gross income for state tax filing. That amount will increase by $10,000 each year until 2025, when up to $40,000 will be deductible. SBP payments follow the same rules. Starting with the 2024 tax year, the age limit will no longer apply.

Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption

Veterans with a VA 100% permanent and total disability are exempt from property taxes on their home.

The surviving spouse may also be eligible. 

Virginia Veterans Employment Benefits

Virginia Veterans Preference For State Jobs

Veterans seeking state employment can get a 5% addition to their test score. Disabled veterans can get a 10% addition.

The Virginia Transition Assistance Program (VTAP)

This program offers transitioning service members and their spouses peer-to-peer support through the transition process. The referral services include such things as resume review, introduction to the labor market, and connections with certified companies for employment, and other DVS programs as applicable. 

Troops to Trucks

Qualified military personnel and veterans who have been separated for 12 months or less are only required to pass the knowledge test for a CDL license. The road skills test is waived. This applies to those with two or more years of military heavy truck/bus driving experience.

Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program

The Military Survivors and Dependents Program provides educations benefits to spouses and children of military service members killed, missing in action, taken prisoner, or who became at least 90% disabled as a result of military service in an armed conflict.

This program may pay for tuition and fees at any state-supported college or university in Virginia. Benefits are available for up to 36 months.

Virginia Veterans Recreation Benefits

Disabled Veteran Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Virginia offers a free lifetime hunting and fishing license, and a discounted saltwater license for Virginia resident veterans who are permanently and totally service-connected disabled.

Veterans with at least 70% VA disability can get discounted hunting and freshwater fishing licenses

Active Duty Hunting & Fishing License

Active duty members stationed in Virginia can get hunting & fishing licenses for the resident rate.

State Park Admission

Veterans with 100% VA disability are eligible for free admission and parking and admission for the pass holder and anyone needed to assist them at Virginia state parks.

The pass also covers boat launch and horse trailer parking and a 50% discount on camping, swimming, shelters and equipment rental.

You do not need to be a Virginia resident to qualify.

Virginia Veterans Cemeteries

Virginia has three veterans cemeteries located in Amelia, Dublin, and Suffolk.

Honorably discharged veterans may be buried at no cost, there is a small cost for their eligible family members.

Visit the Virginia Department of Veterans Services website for more information on any of these programs.

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