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F-16 Fighting Falcon

Here are the stories generating the most comments this week on, along with a sampling of responses edited for clarity:

Poland Doesn't Want America's Used F-16s

  • Isn't it wonderful that Poland turned down the F-16. It is buying them with Military aid money and now they want new Airplanes for our money. The Modernized F-16 A/B are just as good as new ones, but they are wanting more than we are offering. Again, with our Foreign Aid money. -- LBer
  • Portugal, at the other end of Europe, just announced that they are going to replace their aging F16A/Bs. Why would Poland, who is acutely aware of Mr. Putins exploits in the neighboring Ukraine, want to rely on them? -- Pawel66

Marines, Navy Eye Mandatory Separation Review for Online Offenders

  • If we just went back to the old ways, where people had to keep their magazines in their lockers, we would not have this problem. Plain and simple, it would not be a problem. Most of the guys that I knew back when collected PLAYBOY, and the ladies had no problems from us. In fact, they were treated better for it. But that was back in the 60s. -- 27563208
  • To the Left, a straight male expressing mild admiration for the female body is a hate crime, rape culture, patriarchy. --- fka Eddie Coyle

Officials: Man Arrested After Going AWOL 45 Years Ago

  • This is how we spend our tax payers money. He's got what, another ten years of life left. Smack him with a ton of community service on the nearest base. -- 35392487
  • Too bad for him. If he had been smart enough to be caught LAST year he would have already been pardoned, done a stint running a VA hospital or region and now be drawing a SES pension. -- rr02

The First Rule of B-21 Is You Do Not Talk About B-21

  • The Generals and the Pentagon know no bounds when telling the Enemy just exactly what and when we are going to get a New Aircraft. They started out with this Article saying Basically , this time we will not tell all, and, yet , wound up telling almost all about this new System. Are these Top Idiots drunk all of the time or what. -- mrsgunnut10
  • Bombers can be recalled, missiles can not. Bombers are capable of changing targets while in-flight should that be necessary, missiles can not. The bombers can also be used as a show of force by re-positioning them to forward operating bases closer to the area of contention. -- catfishb52

Did the Air Force Dash Hopes for Building More F-22s?

  • Restarting the F-22 line won't be cheap but it will be worth the cost. A modernized F-22 could be the core of our air-superiority force for the next 20 years rather than tired old F-15C/D airframes. Chances are the DoD is going to be getting more money to work with due to the budget. The USAF should take advantage of that. -- NukeItFromOrbit
  • Welcome to the age of continuous upgrades. That said, few aircraft continue in service without extensive upgrades. During the Cold War constant replacement of airframes was a thing, until airframes were good enough that avionics upgrades to keep them relevant could become a thing. -- TheEvilBlight

Army Chief in Europe Wants More Weapons to Combat Russian Threat

  • Welcome to 1938 to 1939 do over. Europe will never learn and of course it is the United states that has to do it again, and again, and again. The combined military forces, including French and Great Britain's nukes,is enough to take on and stop and or defeat Russia. -- Ken Badoian
  • We should be looking at peace with Russia instead of being confrontational. Anyone who thinks that Russia is looking for a fight is smoking bad dope. Do not trust them, but cooperation is better than mushroom clouds. -- Docsenko

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