VA Cemeteries Nationwide Holding Memorial Day Ceremonies

Multiple american flags on grass

Ceremonies will be held at VA cemeteries across the nation this weekend in observance of Memorial Day.

The Department of Veterans Affairs says that most of its 136 national cemeteries will have ceremonies this weekend that are related to the holiday and all it symbolizes.

Due to scheduling issues, the ceremonies occur at various times throughout the Memorial Day weekend. Each cemetery and community will add their own special touch of patriotism and "thanks" during the events, with local groups and speakers to fit the occasion.

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The VA's National Cemetery Administration maintains 3.7 million graves at 136 cemeteries nationwide.

However, not every state has a VA national cemetery, and not all cemeteries will have ceremonies.

Most states also have their own state veterans cemeteries. Many of them will also have special ceremonies to mark the holiday. Check out details for your state.

If you're not near a national or state cemetery, almost every city and town will have some type of ceremony to commemorate Memorial Day. Plan to attend one close to you in remembrance of all your brothers- and sisters-in-arms who didn't return from their final battle.

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