VA Opens Gambling Addiction Center in Sin City


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently announced the opening of their Las Vegas Residential Recovery and Renewal Center, which is designed to treat substance abuse and gambling addictions among veterans.

The facility has 20 beds, with five of those in a separate wing just for female vets. It's only the second residential gambling addiction recovery center in the nation.

The location offers 30- to 45-day substance abuse and gambling residential treatment programs, and the program is available to any veteran who is referred by their primary care provider.

The residential program provides intervention and helps enrolled veterans:

  • Learn about addiction and triggers and develop a relapse-prevention plan that is sustainable
  • Develop individualized recovery plans.
  • Provide a whole health approach to help improve emotional, physical and mental health.
  • Choose, access and use local community and social support

"There is definitely a great need for this here in Las Vegas. Gambling and substance abuse already exist here. It's important that we are responsive to that when problems arise for our veterans," program manager Roxanne Untal said in a release. "The biggest goal is to provide residential care for veterans when more intensive care is needed than what they would receive in outpatient treatment."

Besides counseling and therapy, treatment at the center includes daily activities such as exercises like archery, horseback riding and yoga.

Walk-in service and counseling are also available at the center 24/7.

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