Navy Improves NCPACE-DL Program

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The Navy is making changes to the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education Distance Learning (NCPACE-DL) program effective October 1.

All NCPACE-DL courses will now be funded using the same rate authorized for Tuition Assistance courses; $250 per Semester Hour (SH) or equivalent. Sailors and marines can only receive funding for up to 16 SH or equivalent, per fiscal year through TA, NCPACE DL, or any combination of the two.

NCPACE DL courses will now also require you to get a minimum passing grade of C for undergraduate courses, or B for graduate courses. If you don't get the minimum passing grade you will have to repay the tuition payment.

NCPACE-DL courses are self-contained college courses at real colleges. No internet is required to complete the courses. Courses are available at any time for eligible sailors and marines assigned to type two and type four sea duty.

NCPACE Instructor Led courses will not change.

Sailors or marines must enroll using the NCPACE-DL application on the Navy College Program website.

Like Tuition Assistance users, first-time NCPACE-DL users must complete the prerequisite training listed on the NCP website before funding is approved. For each level of educational or academic pursuit (certificate, associate, bachelor's or master's), sailors must also:

  • receive academic counseling from the Navy College Virtual Education Center (NCVEC) or an overseas Navy College Office counselor. Counseling must occur before submitting their education plan
  • submit an unofficial education plan to their education record before enrolling in any classes

Visit the NCP website: for more information.

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