Five Reasons to Get Your College Degree Now

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You're getting ready to transition out of the military, and you want to set yourself up for the next stage of your career. Or maybe you've been out of the service for a while and you're looking for something more. A college education can help you further your career. Here are five reasons to use the education benefits you've earned with your service.

1.You'll Have More Job Opportunities

Statistics show that people with a bachelor's degree earn 57% of wages in the U.S. A college education that lets you explore a range of interests will let you take advantage of exciting opportunities that come your way as your career moves along.

2. You'll Have More Financial Security

The median salary for people with a bachelor's degree was about $68,000 in 2020. That increases up to $125,000 per year for employees with graduate degrees. The extra wiggle room in your bank account will make it easier to pay your bills and save money to buy a home or achieve other goals.

3. You're More Likely to Be Promoted

As of August 2021, the unemployment rate for college grads was only 2.8%. Your military experience has already taught you to think on your feet in critical situations. College adds to your toolbox by providing analytical and communications skills that you can take the time to learn in a nurturing environment. Your hard work will pay off when you find a job that matches your interests and abilities, and you start moving up the ladder.

4. You'll be Happier

People with higher education are often happier with their jobs. They feel that they have more control over their work, and they feel their work is more meaningful. They also often volunteer more, have a higher marriage rate, and live longer. The ability to earn more and attain higher positions in the workplace contributes to greater levels of personal satisfaction.

5. You'll Get Other Monetary Perks

People with a college degree are more likely to have jobs with health insurance, retirement plans, and reimbursed tuition and commuter expenses. Possibly because they have better access to preventative care, college grads are often healthier. They also tend to stay in the workforce longer, so they have more time to build up retirement savings.

Educational Options

A degree from an accredited university can start you on the path to greater career and financial stability. When choosing a school or program, applicants are advised to consider many factors in their decision, including a school's location (online and in person), alumni network, job prospects after graduation, affordability, as well as standing in annual rankings.

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