Counseling System Helps Troops in Transition

Career Counseling

Unsure about what field you wish to pursue once you leave the military? The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Services (DANTES) offers service members free career counseling through the Kuder Journey online counseling service. Kuder Journey is now available to Active Duty, Guard, Reserve personnel and Service members in transition, making it a valuable resource during the military-to-civilian transition process. As long as you activate your free account while active duty, the free counseling services will never expire.

Free Counseling Through DANTES

The counseling program involves completing a short assessment, it takes about 20 minutes, to see what job fields and college degrees best fit your interests. After completing an assessment, you will receive tailored career guidance and occupation search aids. These can then be used to narrow down a long list of occupational fields to those right for you.

The DANTES College and Career Planning Counseling Services system, powered by Kuder is customized specifically for active service men and women. This Career and Transition System, is a comprehensive online resource to help you plan for the future; learn about your interests, skills and work values; and use those results to build a personal career plan, explore occupational information and plan for your future success.

Kuder Journey is a valuable resource to use during the military-to-civilian transition process as well as when looking for a post-military career field.

The system can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, 24/7/365. Login on the Kuder Journey website to begin using the comprehensive, evidence-based approach to lifelong educational planning and career development. For new users, the registration process is smooth and simple, allowing for immediate access to start achieving success.

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