Good News for Fans of Combat Flip Flops!


Good news indeed if you're one to loll about in flip-flops and a tee-shirt, particularly if you're savvy and tactically fashionable enough to wear Combat Flip Flops. Combat Flip Flops now offers American Apparel Men's T-shirts. I must assure you, these are absolutely the height of tactical couture and one of these things is just the ticket to go with a pair of Tuck-Tucks.

"Effortlessly sexy, with just the right amount of 'I-don't-feel-like-fighting-today" laziness thrown in for good measure."


They've got sizes from small to large for every frame of Combat Flip Flop wearing doorkicker. Buy yours here:

Wear yours when you go watch Griff shrieking and fleeing headlong in terror running with the bulls in Pamplona.


This stern fellow with the chiseled visage, staring wistfully out over the Afghan plain, is not one of the cast from Vikings or Game of Thrones. It's Griff, one of the founders of Combat Flip-Flops and a combat veteran. I not only want him to run with the bulls this July, I'm utterly certain he'll have the most force of personality and charisma on the ground in Pamplona. And I'm including the bulls.


Lee and Andy not pictured, apologies to them but no lack of regard intended.


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