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line-of-fire-logoLine of Fire’s New “Jedi” Gloves

Brad Walker

Line of Fire is about to introduce their newest addition to their glove line, The Jedi.



The Jedi is a super-lightweight and comfortable minimalist tactical glove that is meant for many types of users. It can be used as operational glove capable of resisting high levels of abrasions or tears, or it can be utilized by the average shooter at the range to provide protection while not sacrificing comfort.


The most important element of the Jedi is its abrasion and cut levels. It carries a Dynema Cut Level of 5 and a Level 4 Abrasion and Tear Category. This basically means that it would take an immense level of force to be able to cut through the gloves. A Law Enforcement Officer could wear these on patrol and no worry about getting his hands cut in a fight with an assailant armed with a blade. However, they ARE NOT puncture-proof, just cut and abrasion resistant.  The officer would still be able to have a comfortable glove to wear on duty that aren’t bulky and that retain the tactile functions of a minimalist glove.



Some of the features include:

· Dynema "Cut 5" level

· Level 4 abrasion & Tear which means very durable

· TPR rubber on back of hand for light impact protection

· Silicon Screened Palm Grip

· Glove is completely seamless which means no uncomfortable stitch lines

· Velcro Wrist Strap

· Super Lightweight and breathable

The Jedi will be available this summer. A price has yet to be set, but Line of Fire has stated that the gloves will be cost effective. They will be available in Black, Foliage and Coyote and will run in sizes S-XL. Line of Fire recommends selecting one size down from the size you normally wear for optimal fit.

For more information, log onto their website at or check them out on Facebook.

This is an overview from SHOT 2013 courtesy of Eric at Gear Locker.


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