Spouse Insurance... Even More Important Now


Financial security for families today usually requires the efforts of BOTH spouses. The cost of raising a family is not getting any less. The dollar amounts required for raising and educating children now and in the future are daunting amounts requiring 100s of thousands of dollars per child. On top of everything else a military family is faced with today, the last thing they need is financial stress.

AAFMAA can help by providing peace of mind in two ways.

First, spouses are eligible to get AAFMAA's low-cost life insurance at the same rates as our military members. And AAFMAA's Level Term II now offers separate (and lower) rates for females.

Second, AAFMAA's Survivor Assistance Services are some of the most time tested and valuable benefits assistance available today. For over 128 years, in their time of need, AAFMAA is there has been there to assist your family.

Call a Membership Coordinator toll-free at 877-398-2263 and they will help determine your needs and how much insurance is right for you. Remember, they are not incented with commissions. They will help determine the right plan for you.

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