A Widowed Military Spouse Searches for Happiness in Fox Nation's 'The Shell Collector'

The Shell Collector
"The Shell Collector" (FoxNation)

Can a widowed military spouse find love again? Can a politics-oriented streaming channel find a new audience with feature films? "The Shell Collector" aims to answer both questions when it debuts on September 1, 2022 on the Fox Nation streaming service.

Based on the bestselling novel by Nancy Naigle, "The Shell Collector" tells the story of Amanda Whittier, a military widow who’s raising two children while she restores a cottage by the sea. She thinks she doesn't have time for romance.

Paul Grant, a veteran whose life mission is to rehabilitate military working dogs, moves to the area and captures Amanda's attention. Will he also capture her heart?

Well, there wouldn't be a movie if these two were just ships passing in the night. There will be emotional obstacles to overcome, personal growth to achieve and acceptance that it's okay to move on with your life. We haven't yet seen the movie, but romance movie fans know how this will work itself out.

Fox Nation shared a clip with Military.com. In this scene, Amanda tries to explain to her daughter why Paul came home when her father did not.

    Fox Nation has been experimenting with non-politics content as it looks to build its streaming base. They've commissioned "Duck Family Treasure," a new show from the "Duck Dynasty" Robertson clan and streamed popular movies like Clint Eastwood’s “Dirty Harry” and “Heartbreak Ridge” in an effort to make sure the $5.99/month service has something for the entire family.

    Will Amanda and Paul find true happiness? Will Fox Nation become a new destination for feel-good family movies? Tune in to "The Shell Collector" to find out.

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