A Badass Army Veteran Takes on Idiot America in 'The Hunt'

Betty Gilpin plays an Afghanistan combat veteran in "The Hunt." (Universal Pictures)

Quite a few people got angry about "The Hunt" (out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital) when the movie was announced for a September 2019 release, assuming that it was a Hollywood liberal attack on conservative America. Not so fast, everyone.

Army veteran Crystal May Creasey (Betty Gilpin) is the real hero of "The Hunt," a normal American who's kidnapped from her home in Mississippi and dumped into the countryside with a group of folks who've promoted a conspiracy theory called "Manorgate" based on a series of leaked jokey text messages between a group of liberal elites.

None of the elites had ever considered killing their fellow Americans for sport, but the rich folks lost their jobs because other people believed that their stupid and insensitive joke was actually real. Since the rich folks believe their lives were "ruined" by the conspiracy theorists, they decide to make the conspiracy real.

Only there's a mistake. Whichever elitist was in charge of tracking down Internet hothead "Justice4Yall" found the wrong Crystal. They were looking for a Crystal Mae Creasey in Mississippi and mistook Afghanistan war veteran Crystal May for their target.

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This seems like a good time to let everyone know that "The Hunt" is nasty, brutal and short, packing nearly two dozen imaginative and bloody murders into a 90-minute running time. The elites have been trained by a National Guard veteran who works as a Hollywood movie adviser, but he's no match for a real soldier like Crystal who's been in the sh--.

Everyone in the movie makes assumptions about the people they don't know and therefore don't like. Everyone except Crystal who, despite her thick Southern accent, can readily identify Beethoven when she hears his music and engages the elite leader Athena (Hillary Swank) in an insightful conversation about George Orwell's novel "Animal Farm" while they're kicking each other's asses.

"The Hunt" is loaded with stereotypes about both the right and left, but mostly it's just loaded with action. Fake controversy kept it from opening in theaters last fall, and COVID-19 fears ruined a theatrical release this past March.

A veteran who gets pissed off at the ridiculous obsessions of his or her fellow Americans and finds themself forced into action always makes for a great lead movie character. Crystal May Creasey is one badass combat veteran who deserves to be thanked for her service in "The Hunt."

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