Spec Ops Legend 'MacGruber' Goes on a Suicide Mission in New TV Series

MacGruber Will Forte
Will Forte stars in the series "MacGruber." (Peacock)

Legendary "Saturday Night Live" character MacGruber may have started out as a parody of the 1980s action show "MacGyver," but Will Forte's character evolved into an action hero with a cult following of his own after the 2010 movie "MacGruber."

That film now has a sequel with an eight-episode series debuting on Dec. 16, 2021, on the Peacock streaming service. Forte's movie co-stars, Kristin Wiig as Vicki St. Elmo and Ryan Phillippe as Lt. Dixon Piper, return for the new show.

Why should you care? Lt. Piper described MacGruber's military record in the movie: "Former Navy SEAL, Army Ranger and Green Beret. Served six tours in Desert Storm, four in Bosnia, three each in Angola, Somalia, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Sierra Leone. Recipient of 16 Purple Hearts, three Congressional Medals of Honor, seven Presidential Medals of Bravery and starting tight end for the University of Texas, El Paso."

Can you name one movie hero with a service record that compares to that? No, you cannot.

Peacock has released a very funny trailer for the new show, and here's a warning for the uninitiated: The clip is filled with foul language and dirty jokes.

As the show begins, MacGruber is still in prison for killing Dieter von Cunth (Val Kilmer) at the end of the movie. When the U.S. military needs an operator to go on a suicide mission, Gen. Barrett Fasoose (Lawrence Fishburne) springs MacGruber from prison and sends him out to take down Brigadier Commander Enos Queeth (Billy Zane).

It's all incredibly silly, but the movie has developed a rabid following since its commercial failure during its original theatrical release. Critics may have hated the movie, but it has become a huge success on home video.

If you're not familiar with MacGruber, Peacock also has prepared a helpful clip that tells the "Epic History of MacGruber MacGyver."

All eight episodes will be released on the same day, so you can binge "MacGruber" during this holiday season. Just make sure you send the kids out of the room while you watch.

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