Military Spouse Volunteering Tips

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Are you a spouse seeking volunteer work? Getting a volunteer gig is much like getting a full-time job, and requires many of the same tasks. Follow these tips below to help increase your chances of landing a good volunteer job:

1. Communicate your experience in your resume. Yep, just like a real job, you'll want to give a good impression of your skills, experiences, and interests in your resume. For a boatload of resume tips, visit the Jobs Center. Be sure to mention past volunteer experiences.

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2. Prove yourself. You may find the perfect place to work, but what if there's no volunteer opportunities currently available? Offer to help out in any way you can, whether it's coming in for a few hours or day or doing some work from home. If you can prove your talents, it may get you a toehold for an opportunity when it arises.

3. Build up your skillset. Want to brush up on your computer skills? Get certification for a certain skill? Whenever possible, take classes on base or at a local college to broaden your skill base. The more you can do, the more opportunities you'll get.

4. Temp it up. If nothing else, getting temp work will help make ends meet and get more experiences on your resume. It'll also expose you to different companies and environments, and give you a better idea of where you'll be happiest.

5. Clubs and social networks. Don't isolate yourself -- participate in community activities with others who have similar interests. It may expose you to opportunities you didn't consider before, or lead you to an ideal job through someone you know.

6. Know what you're in for. Volunteering is extremely rewarding, but it isn't easy. Be aware of the signs of burnout. Is it negatively affecting other areas of your life? Are you feeling unappreciated and overworked? Nothing wrong with taking a break for a while.

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