An IT Certificate Can Unlock Portable Employment for Military Spouses

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Military spouse employment challenges are nothing new. Moving from base to base and managing the demands of a military family pose difficulties not faced by their civilian counterparts.

Traditionally, military spouses have sought careers in nursing and teaching because the certifications transferred with their moves and allowed them to advance their careers. Today, IT support careers represent a tremendous opportunity for military spouses to build lasting and well-paid employment.

IT Jobs Are in Demand

Information Technology, or IT, support jobs are available everywhere there is technology, which is, well, everywhere. A career in IT can mean an in-person or remote help desk with a small business or at a large global company like Google. Job opportunities and compensation in IT grow with your experience. The median salary is just over $60,000, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

IT Jobs are growing faster than other occupations. The number of IT support jobs is projected to grow 11% annually through 2026. In the U.S., there are more than 215,000 open IT support roles as more and more people use technology for some part of their work.

IT Jobs Are the Right Fit for Military Spouses

Similar to teaching and nursing, IT jobs require certifications that are transferable across the country and industries. Because many IT roles are performed remotely, there's an excellent synergy with military spouse life. When you PCS, you may be able to maintain your employment.

Starting an IT Career

Several programs offer free training and certification for military spouses. One we think is best is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate available through the Onward to Opportunity (O2O) Program. This program has provided job certification and training to military spouses and service members for five years.

Designed to launch a career in IT and to take beginner learners to job readiness in about eight months, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate was developed by Google to meet the increased need for IT talent. The innovative curriculum is designed to prepare military spouses for an entry-level role in IT support.

Make a Plan for After You Get Your IT Certificate

Once you receive an IT certificate, update your resume. The best way to do this is to use terms found in descriptions of IT jobs. Be sure to list all of your IT certifications. Explore opportunities at companies that you find interesting. An IT job offers a unique opportunity to combine your career skills with your interests and passions.

Living on base? Check out which contractors run the IT. They may have opportunities set aside for military spouses. As you near completion of your IT training, apply with an updated resume and share your expected training completion date. Some contractors will hire early.

Interested in Learning More About Onward to Opportunity?

Visit Onward to Opportunity to explore training options and determine eligibility.

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