Girl Police vs. the Drug Cartels


20-year-old college student Marisol Valles Garcia has become Chief of Police in the Mexican border town of Praxedis Guadalupe Guerrero, mostly because they couldn't find anyone else to take the job.

The town of 9000 resident has seen 8 murders in the last week alone. Criminology student Valles Garcia believes that "principles and values" can be a strong crime deterrent if she can convince local citizens to buy into her strategy.

If she's correct and the drug trade dries up because Mexico's just been waiting all these years for the one idealist who could set things on the right path, then maybe we should send Valles Garcia to the Afghan/Pakistani border next to clear up problems over there. If "principles and values" are all that's missing with Mexican drug dealers, then they're sure to fix things with the Taliban.

God bless the young and idealistic. We should all wish her well.

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