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Revisit the Jack Ryan Movies in 4K Before the CIA Analyst Comes to TV

Harrison Ford's Jack Ryan remains the most popular movie version of Tom Clancy's CIA Analyst. (Paramount)

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels have been the basis for some incredibly successful Hollywood movies and the five movies, starring Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford (twice), Ben Affleck and Chris Pine, have just been reissued in the 4K UltraHD "Jack Ryan 5-Film Collection."

None of the movies quite capture the dorkiness and self-righteousness that marks Clancy's version of Jack Ryan. The good news for fans of the novels is that John Krasinski's portrayal in the upcoming Amazon series is the most authentic onscreen version of the character to date, even though the show has completely jettisoned Clancy's original stories for an up-to-date plot that pits Islamist terrorists against the CIA.

Even if they're not exactly true to the novels, director John McTiernan's "The Hunt for Red October" and director Phillip Noyce's "Patriot Games" and "Clear and Present Danger" remain classics of '90s studio action. Director Phil Alden Robinson's attempted 2002 reboot "The Sum of All Fears" had the misfortune of coming out at the moment when people decided they didn't like Ben Affleck, but it's a lot better than its reputation. Kenneth Branagh's 2014 take on the character in "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" isn't bad, either.

In this set, you get new 4K transfers of each movie and three ("October," "Fears" and "Shadow") include director commentary on the 4K disc. You also get Blu-ray copies of each movie with all previously released bonus features. Plus there are codes for digital copies of each film. The set is on sale for $49.99 at Best Buy and, if you don't have a 4K TV and player, there's a Blu-ray only set (no digital copies) for around $20.

These are likely the last Jack Ryan movies we'll see for a while. Amazon is so happy with the new TV series that they're already shooting season 2 before season 1 premieres on August 31st.


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