10 High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a Degree


Obtaining a degree can lead to lucrative work, but it's not the best path for everyone. Whatever the reason, sometimes going to college isn't an option.

While those without degrees tend to earn less, the good news is that there are plenty of jobs that don't require one and are stable and lucrative. Huffington Post put together a list of 10 high-paying jobs that don't require a college degree, so if you'd rather forgo university, check out these careers below.

1. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers have a tough job. Managing the comings and goings of enormous, expensive planes with thousands of passengers each day is not a task to be taken lightly. Fortunately, some military experience will allow veterans to bypass the air traffic management degree, so if you're considering this career path, check to see whether you qualify to bypass this requirement. Average salary: $108,040

2. Airline Pilot

While some airline pilots have degrees, many have military experience. If you flew aircraft during your time in the service, your expertise and experience will give a significant boost while preparing and applying for this job. Average salary: $82,060

3. Elevator Repair and Installation

Elevators are everywhere, and no one wants to see them break. Working in elevator repair and installation provides a lucrative salary without four years in a university. It is important to note that most companies require new employees to complete an apprenticeship program. However, these tend to be far cheaper and quicker than college. Average salary: $70,910

4. Dental Hygienist

Dentists are renowned for making a lot of money, but that job requires years of higher learning and can be an expensive investment. Dental hygienists, on the other hand, earn a solid salary and the job usually only requires an associate's degree. Average salary: $68,250

5. Police and Detectives

Local law enforcement generally receive stable salaries and great benefits, and not every district requires a four-year degree before employment. A history of military service will provide candidates with an edge, but the key to successful employment is understanding each municipality: know when they're hiring and what they require. Average salary: $55,010

6. Electricians

It doesn't take a four-year degree to become an electrician, but most programs require an apprenticeship program. The pay is solid, and electricians tend to be in demand because of their value as skilled laborers. Average salary: $48,250

7. Insurance Sales

Insurance is a complicated subject, but selling it doesn't require a college degree. Many in this occupation have one, but successful sales are as much about interpersonal intelligence as they are academic knowledge. Average salary: $46,770

8. Plumbers

Plumbing jobs generally have low requirements, including apprenticeships, certification and possibly attendance at a trade school. Although the preparation may seem daunting, plumbing can be a secure, lucrative career. Average salary: $46,660

9. Computer Support Specialists

Despite the ubiquity of computers in modern America, computer support specialists are still needed to provide general support for users. Despite a candidate's proficiency, the job usually requires training and potentially an associate's degree. Average salary: $46,260

10. Firefighters

Requirements to become a firefighter can be a little complicated depending on where you apply, but the cost is far lower than entering a four-year program. Usually, applicant firefighters must have an award in fire science, a high school diploma or equivalent, completion of certain written and physical tests, and an emergency medical technician certification. Average salary: $45,550

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