T-Mobile Expands B2B Sales Force with Veterans

The T-Mobile logo is seen on a storefront in Boston.
The T-Mobile logo is seen on a storefront in Boston on Oct. 14, 2022. (Michael Dwyer/AP Photo)

The following article is presented by T-Mobile. For another profile of a veteran working for T-Mobile, see this article.

For T-Mobile, focusing on business-to-business (B2B) opportunities within the wireless industry is one of three top priorities. This multiyear plan enables T-Mobile to challenge the competition and capture more than its current 5% share of the $60 billion B2B segment.

Neal Gregory is an example of how veterans can successfully find jobs within the B2B segment at T-Mobile. Since he joined the organization in 2011, Gregory has had the opportunity to expand on skills he acquired during his military service as a captain in the U.S. Army. Through on-the-job training and a values-based approach, Gregory speaks to how other veterans can gain the same opportunities.

"You need to have a positive attitude, jump off the diving board, make some mistakes and learn the right way to be successful," Gregory said. "The thing that surprised me was the camaraderie we have at T-Mobile. When you're in the military, you hear constantly about corporate America being 'everyone for themselves,' that there's no sense of team. That wasn't the case at all. We have a great team at T-Mobile, and everybody has each other's back. It's very similar to the military."

With an ongoing focus on network modernization and a rapidly growing B2B group, T-Mobile has current openings in business sales, technology and engineering, as well as retail sales and other roles around the nation.

With economic uncertainty still in the news, T-Mobile offers new hires opportunities to join a growth industry. The overall employment outlook for the information services sector is positive, and wireless communications is a major component of that growth.

T-Mobile's benefits package balances the things that are important for employee's lives -- from child care and high-quality health care to paid time off and matching contributions to 401(k) plans, not to mention discounted mobile devices and service.

The company is investing significant money, time and resources into developing and delivering cost-efficient solutions uniquely tailored to the needs of business customers. This includes a $4 billion network upgrade with the planned launch of the latest LTE technology in 2013.

"With the focus on having the best network and best B2B organization in the industry, this creates opportunities for hiring and developing sales careers at T-Mobile," said Anna Knoblock, senior manager of talent acquisition.

At T-Mobile, the experience and knowledge you've gained throughout your service and career will drive success and inspire all of us to do the same. Your sense of accountability, vision and adherence to your values define who you are and lead your path to success -- so let them lead you here. The company has a Military Talent Network for veterans and military members to stay connected and learn more about working at T-Mobile (www.tmobile.jobs/talent-network/military). T-Mobile has been recognized as a Military Friendly Employer by G.I Jobs for the past six years.

Visit the T-Mobile website at www.tmobile.jobs to read more about the organization and to see what opportunities would be a fit for you.

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