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Transitioning military personnel have an edge over civilians when it comes to finding employment. Former servicemembers have the military training, work ethic and experience most companies look for. What's more, these employers actively recruit veterans in order to provide servicemembers with the means to support their families and to build a solid career. Veterans might feel overwhelmed by the wealth of opportunity at their fingertips, and it will help to narrow down the search to a specific government agency or job.


The following companies help veterans find employment:

  • Veteran Employment Project - In our free 60-minute transition master classes, offered monthly, you will find out how transition really works. Learn skills and strategies for your career group that lead to great job opportunities. Get recommendations for the best veteran programs and services for your experience level. Know what you need to do so you are ready for your civilian job.
  • Job Search -, in partnership with Monster, provides jobseekers with resume building tools; the ability to search for jobs by employer; and the site also provides various tips for interviewing.
  • - A Fortune 500 company, that provides financial services to military servicemembers and their families. This company actively recruits veterans and has frequent postings on the website. USAA has been recognized by various organizations and publications for being a military-friendly company.
  • Military Spouse Career Center - This site offers tips and articles for military spouses about finding employment and skill development, among other work and family support issues.
  • - A web portal that links to other government websites. features one of the most comprehensive searches of government on the Internet. This may help veterans searching for jobs but who have no idea of where to start.

All of these websites provide a great start to veterans looking for federal employment. If veterans use these resources available to them success is guaranteed.

For more transitioning tips, visit's Transitioning Center.

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