Top 10 High-Paying Jobs in Management


Following their time in the military, many veterans feel they are meant to be managers. They led men and women in defense of our country, so it makes sense that they could lead a sales team or a group of investment bankers, assuming they learn the technical side of the job as needed.

Or maybe it's their ability to manage large programs and operations that drives them to take on a managerial role.

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If this view fits your interest and background, the following jobs might be just what you're looking for.

Many of them require higher degrees and/or experience beyond your time in the military, but even if they aren't positions you can transition into immediately, they will give you a career goal to shoot for.

What follows are 10 high-paying jobs in management, per data from the U.S. Department of Labor.

1. Chief Executive

If you have a lot of work experience, can work long hours and be responsible for a whole company, striving to become a chief executive might be the right path for you. As a chief executive, your role would include overseeing operational activities and ensuring the company meets its goals.

Chief executives earn an average mean salary of $185,850.

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2. Architectural and Engineering Manager

For those of you with managerial and creative skills, overseeing projects in architecture and engineering might be for you. You will have to work your way up to this position, but if your military background included assessing equipment needs and managing projects and employees, you have an advantage over those who go straight from school to this career path.

Architectural and engineering managers earn an average mean salary of $132,800.

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3. Computer and Information Systems Manager

If you have a passion for information technology, or IT, and want to implement such programs on a higher level, you might consider going the computer and information systems manager route. This is a position that you could potentially transfer directly into from the military, if you managed a team of IT workers while in the service.

Computer and information systems managers earn an average mean salary of $129,130.

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4. Marketing Manager

Marketing might be the biggest leap for many in the military, though perhaps not for recruiters and service members who worked in public affairs or related positions. If you want to go this route, prepare to identify potential markets for your company to target and strategize profit maximization and customer satisfaction. You also should be good at working with others, such as those in sales, public relations and the product team.

Marketing managers earn an average mean salary of $124,850.

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5. Natural Sciences Manager

This career path also might be a leap for many service members, but if you have an interest in sciences and use that GI Bill to pursue a higher education, you could work your way up through such fields as biology or chemistry. You could work on scientific research, improving the manufacturing process and overseeing fellow scientists, contractors and suppliers.

Natural science managers earn an average mean salary of $120,160.

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6. Financial Manager

If you have a love of money and weren't scared off by "The Wolf of Wall Street," consider the financial manager route. This role is not always as strong on the managing people side, but if you are into numbers and analyzing trends, this might be the career path for you.

Financial managers earn an average mean salary of $117,990.

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7. Sales Manager

The sales manager's role doesn't differ much from that of the marketing manager, except that you'll have a lead role in the sales department or team and be very focused on improving employees' sales records.

Sales managers earn an average mean salary of $113,860.

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8. Compensation and Benefits Managers

Everyone who served in the military is used to paying attention to pay and benefits. Therefore, you might find that continuing that analysis into the private sector is the path for you. Here, you will coordinate retirement plans, health insurance, pay and more.

Compensation and benefits managers earn an average mean salary of $111,430.

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9. Purchasing Manager

Those who have expertise in the areas of marketing and sales might want to consider this as another appropriate career path. Purchasing managers oversee buyers and purchasing agents, and coordinate purchases of products, services and materials for wholesalers, retailers or organizations.

Purchasing managers earn an average mean salary of $108,120.

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10. Human Resources Manager

If you enjoy interviewing, hiring and recruiting, then maybe you should consider becoming a human resources manager. This is the high-level management of people and often overseas administration of the company.

Human resources managers earn an average mean salary of $104,440.

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