Master Class: Fearless: How to Be A Rich Military Spouse


    First, there is the real you. Then there is the secret inner part of you blistering through all the obstacles of your military family life. I’m pretty sure the photo posted above is exactly what my personal spouse spirit must look like. I hope yours is just as fearless-- and sartorially correct.

    Because fearlessness is often what it takes to have your career AND a marriage to a military member AND the unspeakable riches that come with having both.

    In our newest master class, I’m looking forward to teaching my fellow spouses all the things I have learned from coaching thousands of military spouses on the job hunt. I’ll also share some of the lessons that made the biggest difference in my 20+ years combining career and military life.

    You can expect to learn:

    1. How to avoid the lure of common career off-ramps that could lead you into low-pay or no-pay work.
    2. How to bring together your many talents, skills, and job experiences into one clear goal that makes employers want to hire you.
    3. How to access the spouse employment programs that help you leap over your lack of a local network and into the in-person, hybrid, or remote work you want most.
    4. How you and your service member can end up with the happily-ever-after you dreamed of.

    Visit the Veteran Employment Project to sign up for upcoming FREE master classes hosted by Jacey.