Master Class: LinkedIn Power: Cranking Up Your Visibility


    As a veteran, spouse, or transitioning military member, your job hunt is unlike any typical civilian. You may have noticed that LinkedIn's on-label uses are not working well for you. That's why you need our exclusive LinkedIn Method to apply our off-label uses of LinkedIn. After this 60-minute class, YOU will be able to do these FIVE essential things:

    1. Learn how to use your free LinkedIn premium subscription to access off-label tools to help you shave months off your job search.
    2. Learn how to search privately so you feel less exposed on LinkedIn.
    3. Zero in on your career goal—what kind of job ARE you looking for? You must know this answer before your network can begin to find you.
    4. Signal hiring managers, recruiters, and peers that you are part of the in-group—supremely skilled, eminently hirable, and worth bringing in for an interview. 
    5. Rein in your networking efforts and organize them in a way that will lead you to your next job months earlier.

    Visit our Veteran Employment Project page to see all upcoming Master Classes.

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