Master Class: New Year, New Career


    Are you leaving the military in 2024? Are you looking for a new civilian job? We are ready to help with our newest transition master class, New Year, New Career: How to Get Your Job Hunt Off to A Fresh Start. After working with more than 16,000 transitioning veterans and spouses, we know that there are three master-level problems every transitioning military member, job-seeking veteran, or military spouse must solve to land a job.

    1. Where do I start?

    Doing the right job-seeking activities in the right order at the right time is essential when you want the right job for you. As you requested, we will launch our step-by-step guide, so you know you are always getting off on the right foot.

    1. How do I network (when I don’t want to)?

    Breaking our internal barrier against networking is the difference between a short job hunt and a long job hunt. With our painless networking approach designed exclusively for military and spouses, this step is much easier than you think.

    1. How do I pay for it all?

    Only 40% of veterans use their GI Bill benefits for education. It is an enormous benefit that should never go to waste. Even if you think your kids have already used it, some more benefits might be left there for you. Find out with our expert from WGU.

    Visit our Veteran Employment Project page to see all upcoming Master Classes.

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