Mexican Soldier Falls 98 ft from Huge Flag


    A video shot during a May Day ceremony on Friday, in Mexico, shows the moment a Mexican soldier slams into the ground after he was pulled into the air by a giant flag at a military parade.

    Shot on a cellphone by Armando Silva Salazar, the video shows the soldier's rifle becoming entangled in the Mexican flag and the soldier spinning wildly in the air before slamming into the ground. 

    According to Silva, the unidentified soldier was lifted about about 98 feet in the air. He added that the soldier only suffered of a minor fracture to his ankle as well as concussion. The 209-by-104 feet flag is the 8th largest in the world and it weights over 700 kilograms, local media reported.

    Check out this footage of another soldier getting tangled up and falling from around 20 feet: