The My HealtheVet Program

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The VA's My HealtheVet website lets you view your health information online as well as refill prescriptions, make appointments and more.

See our Veteran's Health Care pages for more details about what healthcare benefits are available to eligible veterans.

With My HealtheVet you can:

  • Use the VA Blue Button to view, save, download and/or print your VA health and DoD Military Service Information. You can also share this with your caregiver, non-VA provider or others you trust
  • See your VA test results
  • View vaccination records, including COVID-19 vaccine
  • See your appointment notes made by your VA caregiver
  • Learn about different health conditions and treatment options
  • Use secure messaging to communicate online with your VA health care team. You may send messages to request or cancel VA appointments. Use it to ask about lab results or find out about a medication or health issue. Or simply to discuss other general health matters
  • Make appointments with your primary care physician or specialist
  • Fill prescriptions
  • and much more

Check out the My HealtheVet website for details.

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