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The Best of Army-Navy Game Spirit Videos 2022

(U.S. Army)

The 123rd Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia is scheduled for 3 p.m. EST on Dec. 10, 2022, on CBS, and graduates and fans of both teams are already getting into the spirit of the game. If there is a signature way fans of academy football show their support for their respective teams, it's making and uploading spirit videos.

One of the most notable spirit video producers, Annapolis grad Rylan Tuohy, raised the bar for making highly produced (and funny) "Go Navy Beat Army" videos -- so much so, the Army itself stepped up its own official game.

Tuohy graduated from the Naval Academy and finished his Navy career, but soldiers and sailors alike continue to produce Army-Navy Game spirit videos every year, from wherever they are around the world. This year has been pretty light on Navy Spirit videos; they were busy with another surprise for Army.

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Here are some of the best Army-Navy Game Spirit Videos from 2022 so far:

Lead from the Front 2: Don't Give Up the Ship

This is the first instance of a sequel to a previous academy sports spirit video. With a new superintendent in office, Army once again launches an ambitious effort to massacre Midshipmen morale five years after its first mission.

US Fleet Forces Command

Adm. Daryl Caudle, the commander of the U.S. Navy Fleet Forces Command, isn't a Naval Academy graduate, but he's clearly a fan with one thing on his mind.

Go Army Beat NASA

Trolling at its finest is on full display as West Point's dean of the academic board, Brig. Gen. Shane Reeves, calls in old grad, Army astronaut and International Space Station veteran Col. Andrew Morgan to make fun of Navy's 2022 uniforms.

AFN Vicenza

Another secret mission gives a soldier the task of obtaining the Navy football team's playbook from a "secure" facility at Annapolis.

    US Army Europe and Africa

    This spirit video calls on the legacy of the U.S. Army's successful landing at Normandy in 1944 and its performance in World War II to bolster the spirit of teamwork on the gridiron.

    3rd Infantry Division

    The Army's 3rd Infantry Division delivers an explosive long-bomb pass to Navy mascot Bill the Goat -- using a tank.

      84th Engineer Battalion

      The soldiers based at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, use their Army training to absolutely crush some Navy football players.

        173rd Airborne Brigade

        The Army's Europe-based airborne response force lets Navy know that every day is game day.

          Fort Sill

          Using Sgt. Big Deuce VIII and Cpl. Short Round V, soldiers from Fort Sill and Army Field Artillery remind Navy they're not the only ones with a goat mascot.

            Army Cyber Center of Excellence

            Cyber secret squirrels have a plan to beat Navy during their 123rd meeting. The commanding general of the Army Cyber Center of Excellence shows us how.

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