AAFMAA Begins Use of the 'Auto-dialer'

In December 2009, AAFMAA added an additional step to notify members and policy owners of when their premiums are due. This extra step also helps members avoid and interruption or lapse of coverage. An automated notification process, called auto-dialer, lets members know when their policy payments are overdue. If a policy premium is delinquent, a billing notice is generated by the administration system. If this premium is not paid a reminder notice and reminder e-mail is generated the following month. The next notification step if a premium remains unpaid is the auto-dialer system. The auto-dialer calls the member?s phone number on record 15 days prior to the policy?s lapse date and provides a recorded message indicating the person needs to contact AAFMAA about policy payment. The message is as follows. ?This is AAFMAA, the Army and Air Force Mutual Aid Association calling. In order to avoid a loss of coverage, please contact our Policy Services Department toll-free at 1-800-522-5221. Please press the number 3 from the menu. Our number again is 1-800-5225-5221. Please call now to avoid a loss of coverage.? Unfortunately, because of privacy issues, the message can?t be more specific. If you receive this message, please be sure to contact AAFMAA right away to get your billing issue resolved. If no payment is made after the auto-dialer is generated, the next notification to the member or policy owner is the lapse notice indicating coverage has lapsed due to non-payment.Should we have a situation where you think the payment and the billing notice have crossed in the mail, don?t hesitate to check the status of your account via the AAFMAA Member Center, https://connect.aafmaa.com. If you have any questions about your policy payments, or would like to know more about the auto-dialer, please contact Policy Services at 1-800-522-5221. Press the number 3 from the menu.
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