Survivor Assistance Services -- A Great Benefit

Included with every member?s policy and membership are AAFMAA?s Survivor Assistance Services.  These services are designed to assist the member?s surviving family, most often the surviving spouse, upon the member?s death.  The following are included in your Survivor Assistance Services.
  1. Expeditious payment. Death benefit is usually initiated on the day AAFMAA receives the death certificate.  Settlement options are provided and paid upon selection by the beneficiary.
  2. Claims initiation plus continuous follow-up.  Notification to government agencies and life insurance companies, initiation of claims process, and assistance to surviving family in completing and forwarding claim requests for prompt receipt of benefits. Continuous follow-up to ensure that the full benefit is paid. 
  3. Claims representation plus follow-up in disputes.  Initial inquiries and follow-up work in claims disputes.
  4. Lifetime individualized benefit notification.  Notification of changes in laws impacting survivor benefits, e.g., new eligibility criteria under Agent Orange regulations, restored Social Security and educational benefits in special cases.
  5.  Social Security notification.  Notification of possible income change when spouse reaches age 60, 62 and 65, and when children approach ages 16 and 18.
  6. Financial Awareness Service.  Information about existing holdings in response to family member questions, including an assessment of their financial position.
  7. Annual statement of spouse entitlements.  A personalized report of the spouse?s entitlements and annuities.
Make sure your spouse is aware that these services are available in their time of need.  To learn more visit us at this link. To report a death, please call AAFMAA toll-free at 1-800-522-5221 and follow the prompts. 
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