Guaranteed Peace of Mind - A Value-Added Whole Life Policy Offers Many Great Features


In times of uncertainty, it's nice to have guarantees. That's what you get with AAFMAA's Value-Added Whole Life policy.

Guaranteed cash value, guaranteed death benefit, 100% money-back guarantee and fixed premiums, guaranteed. A few other features of the policy include:

  • Guaranteed crediting rate of 4.5%
  • Current crediting rate of 7% (NOT guaranteed -- subject to change)
  • Long Term Care Settlement Option (no charge unless or until you use it)
  • Borrow up to 75% of cash value at only 1% above the current crediting rate
  • Payment options include 7 years, 20 years, 30 years, pay to age 100 or Single Payment

The sooner you get started, the lower the rates will be and the longer the policy will have to grow. As the cash value grows to support a higher death benefit, the death benefit will grow.

Contact a Membership Coordinator for a quote, value projection and application toll-free at 1-877-398-2263.

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