Survivor Assistance Services - What are they?


Upon a member's death, AAFMAA Financial Advisors will step in to assist your family with the important next actions needed.

In the first 24 hours, your next of kin should:

  • Contact the Funeral Home you have selected and make the funeral or memorial service arrangements.
  • Call AAFMAA at 1-800-522-5221 and report the death.  Someone is always available to take the call.

We also recommend your next of kin do the following:

  • Order at least 10 -- 15 death certificates for Social Security, Insurance Benefits, change of ownerships, access to safety deposit boxes, tax returns.
  • Clip or print obituary notices as some insurance companies require a dated newspaper announcement in order to process the claims.

AAFMAA Financial Advisors will do the following services for your survivor:

  • Notify DFAS of member's death and assist widow/dependent with all necessary forms
  • Initiate the AAFMAA Life Insurance Death Claim and discuss various death benefit payment options
  • Notify Veteran's Administration of member's death and assist widow with all necessary claim forms, when applicable
  • Notify Servicemembers'/Veterans' Group Life Insurance (SGLI/VGLI) and Commercial Life Insurance Companies of the death of our member.

What you can do today to expedite these survivors services:

  • Three important things we need from you, the AAFMAA member:
  • Provide your spouse or family with AAFMAA contact information.
  • Keep important document in a safe place and let your family know. 
  • Important documents that AAFMAA Financial Advisors need in order to process your claims and entitlements are:
    • DD-214
    • Birth Certificates for all dependents       
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Divorce Decree
    • Beneficiary Social Security numbers, addresses and contact information
    • Wills, Living Will
    • Power of Attorney, Durable, Medical
    • Life Insurance and Annuity Policies
    • Trust documents:  Title page, pages naming trustees, signature page and any full amendments and trust tax ID number
    • Certified Death Certificate

Rest assured that AAFMAA will be ready to assist your family in their time of need. 

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