Who's Eligible for AAFMAA Membership and Insurance?

Applicants become AAFMAA members when they meet medical requirements and are issued a life insurance policy on their own life.  Members can then purchase additional policies for themselves, their spouse, children and grandchildren.  Our policies have no war, no aviation and no terrorism clauses.  Unlike SGLI, after leaving the military, members can keep and buy more AAFMAA insurance. AAFMAA?s Survivor Assistance Services are included with all member policies. MEMBERSHIP ELIGIBILITYArmy or Air Force personnel who are: 
  • Active Duty (or within 120 days after separation)
  • Guard or Reserve (Full or Part Time)
  • USMA and USAFA Cadets
  • ROTC Contract/Scholarship Cadets
  • Army and Air Force Retirees (through age 65)
  • Honorably discharged veterans residing in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina or Maryland 
LIFE INSURANCE ELIGIBILITY Members and spouses (age limits are dependent upon product selected) Member's children and grandchildren 6 months through age 17 (whole life only)Member's children and grandchildren ages 18-23 (whole life and Level Term I)Widows of deceased members (for themselves and children/grandchildren of member) Members with Level Term I get term life insurance of up to $10,000 per dependent child under age 21 at no additional cost. ALL AAFMAA policies have NO war, NO aviation and NO terrorist clauses. Check us out at www.aafmaa.com.  
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