Navy Changes Policy on Delayed PCS for Families

 (U.S. Navy/Jacob G. Sisco)
(U.S. Navy/Jacob G. Sisco)

The Navy has announced a change in policy regarding Permanent Change of Station (PCS) movement of families when children are in school.

Effective immediately, all Navy families with school-aged dependents can delay their move until the school year has ended. The active-duty member must still travel as ordered, but the family can stay behind.

In addition, the family can keep their housing allowance at the old station until they actually begin their move. 

In the past, the extensions were usually only granted until the end of the school term (June or December) depending on the transfer date. Now even if a sailor gets PCS orders in September, the family can remain at the old station until the school year is over. 

According to the Chief of Naval Personnel, the policy is designed to "minimize the disruption to the education of school-aged children and increase family stability."

This policy is a result of legislation included in the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act.

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