Ask Ms. Vicki: He Left Me, Do I Still Get Benefits?


Dear Ms. Vicki,

I've been married to my retired military husband now since 2009. We are now separated and he has left the state. I haven't heard from him in almost 11 months and when he put me out of our house he refused to help me with anything.

But I still get my TRICARE.

What should I do? Thank you for your time!




Hi VS,

Thank you for reaching out to me. I'm not sure if you want to reconcile with your husband or just find him so you can get financial support or pursue a divorce?

If your husband is retired but you have only been married to him for a few years, it looks like your ID card and TRICARE will be valid until your ID card expires. After that, I'm not sure if you would still be eligible for any entitlements.

It's different when a spouse is married to a servicemember for 20 years or more during their active duty service. Surely this man has not fallen off the face of the earth. Have you contacted his family or friends? I wish I had more information that could help you or be more supportive.

However, I wish you well and I hope you are okay given the circumstances. Please stay in touch with me with updates.


Ms. Vicki

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