Help Military Spouses Grow With Google by Taking This Survey

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The U.S. Chamber Foundation's Hiring Our Heroes initiative is asking for your input through a survey to help military spouses "Grow with Google."

"The survey gives military spouses an opportunity to share their experiences with remote work, upskilling and entrepreneurship, whether those are successes or challenges," said Meredith Lozar, senior adviser for research and innovation at Hiring Our Heroes.

The results will inform stakeholders about what military spouses need to launch and grow thriving careers and give spouses information and resources they can use to meet their career goals.

Surveys might feel like they have little return on investment: You spend time filling them out, but what do you see in return?

"With this information, we are able to say, 'We heard from military spouses, and this is what they need,'" Lozar said.

This survey isn't just for military spouses who are interested in entrepreneurship or remote work. It is open to all milspouses to ensure that the results reflect a variety of perspectives.

According to Google's blog, last year, Grow with Google developed tools and resources for the U.S. military community. Knowing the important role military spouses play, the group wants to continue using technology to address the unique challenges milspouses face as they build their careers.

The improved experience within jobs on Google Search makes it easier to find quality remote jobs and take online training designed specifically for military spouses.

According to the Hiring Our Heroes website, taking 10 minutes to complete the survey may help HOH shape programs, policies and employer support for military spouse employment for the next 10 years. It's an opportunity to change the military spouse entrepreneurship landscape, to create and shape military spouse remote work opportunities, and to create upskilling opportunities that provide military spouse career advancement.

Grow with Google and Hiring Our Heroes continue to make incredible strides for military spouses. Help them measure their success and identify their gaps by taking their survey today.

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