Coast Guard Jobs At a Glance


Coast Guard Jobs Overview The following is a list of some of the Coast Guard enlisted and officer jobs, with short descriptions.

ENLISTED CAREERS (scroll down for Officer Careers)

Aviation Electrical Technicians perform ground handling, servicing of aircraft, conduct routine aircraft inspections. They also maintain, troubleshoot and repair electrical and avionics systems, perform aviation administrative duties, and serve as Navigators, Radio Operators, Helicopter Hoist operators, and other aircrew positions.

Aviation Maintenance Technicians perform ground handling, servicing of aircraft, conduct routine aircraft inspections, maintain, troubleshoot and repair aircraft power train systems and associated airframe and systems-specific electrical components, aircraft fuselages, wings, rotor blades, fixed and movable flight control surfaces and aircraft bleed air, hydraulic and fuel systems and serve as Load Masters, Flight Engineers, Drop Masters, Helicopter Hoist Operators, and other aircrew positions.

Aviation Survival Technicians perform ground handling and servicing of aircraft and conduct routine aircraft inspections, aviation administrative duties. They also maintain, troubleshoot, and repair cargo aerial delivery systems, aircraft oxygen systems, and survival equipment for air-sea rescue kits. ASTs also serve as Helicopter Rescue Swimmers, Drop Masters, and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

Boatswain's Mates perform almost any task in connection with deck maintenance, small boat operations, navigation and supervising all personnel assigned to a ship's deck force.

Quartermasters are navigators who are assigned to all types of cutters. Their duties include all aspects of voyage planning, maintaining nautical charts and publications and the proper use and care of navigation equipment.

Operations Specialists receive, process and distribute both tactical and administrative data over communication systems worldwide. They also handle the point-to-point voice and data communications, as well as distress radio frequency monitoring and interpretation.

Gunner's Mates operate, inspect, maintain and repair all gunnery equipment and its weapons systems components.

Information Technicians operate, maintain and repair complicated electronic, hydraulic and mechanical equipment.

Damage Controlman is an extremely diverse rating. Welding is a primary trade and skill. Firefighting is another one. Construction and building maintenance and repair and maintenance of ship watertight closures are additional responsibilities.

Machinery Technicians become knowledgeable in all areas of machinery operation and maintenance from internal combustion engines (gas/diesel gas turbines) to environmental support systems (heating/ventilation/air conditioning), hydraulics, basic electricity and areas of hazardous material recovery and control.

Electronics Technicians maintain and repair sophisticated electronics equipment, radio receivers and transmitters, radars, navigation equipment and computer equipment.

Information Systems Technicians install and maintain many types of telecommunications equipment ranging from towers, antennas, pole lines and underground cable installations to state-of-the-art computer-based data communications and processing systems, as well as telephone and data switching systems and networks, public address, security and remote control systems.

Electrician's Mates know the fundamentals of electricity, alternating and direct currents, switchboards and other electrical equipment on board.

Yeomen handle payroll certification and delivery; preparing military travel orders and arranging transportation, including shipment of household goods; preparing correspondence; and maintaining files and administrative records.

Storekeepers are responsible for providing and accounting for supplies, clothing, commissary items and spare parts.

OFFICER CAREERS Aviator Engineer Environmental Management Intelligence Lawyer

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