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Soldiers of the 1186th Military Police Company, Oregon Army National Guard, stand in formation during their mobilization ceremony at the Oregon State Fair Pavilion in Salem, Oregon, Oct. 2, 2011. (Spc. Anita Stratton/115th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)

If you have a career goal in the private sector, you can bet there are corresponding Army National Guard careers. Your job in the Guard can be your ticket into some of the hottest industries and most coveted career fields. Employers are looking for commitment and experience, and there's no better way to fill out your résumé than by serving your nation in one of our military careers. Experience these military jobs with one of the following National Guard careers.

Combat arms are one of the most basic and important of soldiering military jobs. You are trained to take and hold ground. You may want to join armor and go to battle within an advanced, high-tech M1 tank that incorporates laser and thermal aiming devices.

Combat support is critical to the success of an army in the field. In combat support military careers, you'll provide electricity, maps, protection against chemical attacks, humanitarian assistance and more. Many of these skills are directly transferable to the civilian sector.

Combat service support keeps the organization running effectively and efficiently. As in the civilian world, the Guard has members who provide health care, cut paychecks, handle personnel records and manage transportation operations.

The Military Police (MP) is a great place to start if you are interested in a career with a civilian police department. Many top state, metropolitan, municipal and park police personnel acquired their original training and discipline from military service.

Communications are vital to gathering intelligence and planning and executing critical plans in times of war. Communication specialists build, operate and service equipment such as satellite dishes, microwave transmitters, short-wave radio, computer networks and fiber optics, in addition to traditional wire communications.

National Guard medical support personnel and medics assist doctors and nurses in providing medical care to injured soldiers and civilians. At home, they respond to natural disasters and humanitarian needs, playing a critical role in saving lives.

Administrative and logistics jobs in the Army National Guard correspond with jobs in the civilian workplace. From automated logistics specialist to public affairs and personnel administration, Guard members keep the system up and running.

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