Running and Cardio

Extreme Body-Core Temperatures
On the National Geographic Channel Fight Science - Special Ops Episode, you will see the effects of body core temperature in...
Nausea During Workout
Often, I receive an email concerning that nauseated feeling you can get when exercising. There are a few issues that can caus...
The Perfect Workout
Many people like to do calisthenics based workouts using pyramids and super set routines. In fact, with the right mix of exer...
Preparing for a Marathon Run
I've found that cross training seriously reduces my running injuries plus helps me lose weight and stay interested! If there'...
Stew Smith Article Guide
If you are looking for answers to questions concerning military fitness, it is probably in the article archive.
Getting Fit on a Budget
You can get fit and lose weight with little or no money at all -- it just takes an investment of time.

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