Weekly Workout: Favorite Workouts

Pull-up Push Workout

The favorite workout of the week was a mix of 1 mile runs. You can do them nice and easy as a recovery run, hard and timed at your goal testing pace, or mix in fast / slow intervals for a specified time or distance. However, following the run, you have a full body cycle of exercises focusing on grip, pushing / pulling, and core mixed with longer distance sprint / jogs. Try to go fairly heavy with the KB swings and work on sit-up pace for be goal pace for 2 minute timed sets for testing.

Run 1 mile Pullup / Burpee pyramid 1-5:  1 pullup, 1 burpee, 2 pullup, 2 burpees…up to 5/5 of each. KB swings 20 Situps 1 min 400m sprint / 400m jog *no rest in between pullups and burpees Run 1 mile Pullup / Burpee pyramid 6-10:  6 pullups, 6 burpees, 7/7,8/8.. up to 10/10 each. KB swings 20 Situps 1 min 400m sprint / 400m jog *rest as needed in between. Do situps and KB swings in between higher sets if needed. Run 1 mile Pullup / Burpee pyramid 10-1 or 11-20: Continue up the pyramid or repeat in reverse order. KB swings 20 Situps 1 min 400m sprint / 400m jog *continue up until you fail. If you wish you can do 5,4,3,2,1 as a cooldown pullup/burpee set. SWIM / PT – Top it off with some swim time and treading practice mixed with fast swim intervals and other PT exercises (pushups / any ab exercise of choice).  You can also opt to do 1 minute plank poses for abs of choice if you prefer. Warmup 500m without fins Tread water 10 min no hands Repeat 5 times 200m sprint 20-30 pushups 30-50 abs of choice If no pool is available, you can replace the above 200m swim sprint with a 200m run sprint. Enjoy

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