Special Missions and Law Enforcement PFT

Special Missions and Law Enforcement PFT

Physical fitness requirements in the Coast Guard are often linked directly specific job requirements. Coast Guard men and women who serve on Law Enforcement, Port Security or Maritime Safety and Security Teams, must comply with specific physical standards.

The following chart shows the Coast Guard's Physical Fitness requirements for serving on these elite teams:


Men Push-ups Sit & reach
<30 29  16.5"
30-39 24 15.5"
40-49 18 14.25"
>30 23 19.25"
30-39 19 18.25"
40-49 13 17.25"


Men Sit-ups 1.5 mile run 12 min swim
<30 38 12:51 500 yd.s
30-39 35 13:36 450 yd.s
40-49 29 14:29 400 yd.s
>30 32 15:26 400 yd.s
30-39 25 15:57 350 yd.s
40-49 20 16:58 300 yd.s


* Sit and Reach is a flexibility test that requires you to sit with your feet and legs together as you reach toward your feet. The measurement is taken by placing a measuring stick between your legs from your knees to your feet. To pass you must be able to reach 16.5 (for males) or 19.29 (for females) inches past your knees.

These jobs also require specialized training and skills. For example: LE Teams must graduate from the Coast Guard Law Enforcement Academy in Charleston S.C. while MSST members graduate from the Coast Guard's Special Missions Schools at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune.

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