Tactical Fitness with Stew Smith: Developing Strong Core Muscles

Situp competition.

Hi Stew,

I have been using your TCGTNSF book and 26 week Running Plan. I heard that to develop a strong core muscle I have to do core muscle workouts for 60 minutes each day as an extra workout. Is that true? Also, what's your favorite core exercise? Thanks so much for reading. Have a good evening. 


That is certainly not necessary. You can mix in core exercises throughout your workout; it's never a bad idea to mix extra core work into your week. But, don't just focus on abdominal exercises like sit-ups. Think about hip mobility, shoulder girdle movements, and lower and upper back exercises and stretches. 

Exercising your core involves a lot more than just ab workouts, as you noticed in the two programs you are using. In fact, I personally like to rest with core exercises. Some of my favorites involve the TRX (TRX rollouts and atomic pushups), plank pose, and old school ab exercises that that work the hips like flutterkicks, leg levers, and more.

With that running plan you have many excellent lower back, hip, and leg flexes and stretches, but you can also mix in the Lower Back plan. I typically do this as a warm-up or a cool-down to a workout.

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Stew Smith

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