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I have 50 days until basic training and I can only do 40 pushups and 60 situps max and haven't started running yet any advice or anything thanks!


Well, 50 days is plenty of time to build your calisthenics towards average to above average levels. See The PT Progression workout article series and mix in more PT Pyramids, Super Sets, and Max Rep Sets to build up your pushups, situps, and even pullups and other calisthenics.

But, the fact that you have not started running is concerning. You should start running yesterday, but you have to be smart about it. If you overdo training, you can easily injure yourself with shins splints, knee tendonitis, or stress fractures.

See the Ramp Up Your Running article for more information.  As an assessment, see if you can run an Army two mile run without stopping. Stop if you’re in any pain, but you have to start somewhere. If you can run two miles with little effort and you want to build your speed, try working on your pace. Aim for a seven minute mile or a 14 minute two miles. This can be done with running quarter miles and half mile intervals at 1:45 and 3:30 respectively. Mix in some non- impact cardio (bike, elliptical, row, or swim) to give your new running legs a rest day a few times a week, but still work the lungs.

Ideal Plan: Give yourself four to six months to start a running program to prepare for the running, rucking, and long days on your feet at any military basic training. It is good to have a 15-20 mile a week running base minimum prior to training.

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