Fall Transition from Long Runs to Short Faster Pace


Every year for the past 20 years I have been arranging workouts so that every quarter (or season) has a different focus from the previous quarter. For instance, this summer was high-miles (30-40/week) of running and swimming and higher repetition of calisthenics.

Now we transition out of the higher miles and go into shorter but faster intervals. Here is a workout we did as we cut the miles by nearly 40-50 percent, but increased the speed by nearly 1-2 min/mile. It is still leg day mixed with running and swimming.

PFT Running Prep:

Warmup with Squat pyramid - 1 to 10 squats with 25m jog / dynamic stretches in between Run 1 mile fast – push your max pace Repeat for 20 minutes: hills, intervals, bleachers, shuttle runs, or sprints of ¼ to ½ mile distances with minimal rest (1 min per set max) Run 1 mile of intervals: 100m fast / 50m easy (non-stop) Spec Ops Prep Swimming:

Swim 500m without fins warmup Swim with fins 1500m (side or free) Tread water 5 min – no hands with fins or not / stretch

Take 5 minutes and do all dynamic stretches done prior to running and do in chest deep water

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